This page contains the policies in which Lloyd Bryant Enterprise follows when promoting the company.

Posting Material to your address

When Lloyd Bryant Enterprise does print marketing often times print marketing material such as business flyers and posters are posted to your address. However you have the right to opt-out to stop us from sending you marketing material, all you have to do is fill out this form below with your postcode and address then click submit. This will send us a notification letting us know you wish for us to stop sending you marketing material.

Marketing Material Guidelines

Lloyd Bryant Enterprise has a strict way marketing material is used. When posting print marketing to your address Lloyd Bryant Enterprise will not:

  • Post the same material to your location over again
  • Post old marketing material such as outdated posters to you
  • Send you material that is misleading
  • Send you material if you have any signs or notes saying you wish for no sales material to be posted to you
  • Send you material that contains any links to other third-party websites that are not owned by Lloyd Bryant Enterprise. Every link or directory will be owned by the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise brand.

  • Lloyd Bryant Enterprise will:

  • Send you new marketing material every few months or so
  • Stop sending you marketing material if you fill out this form
  • Keep your address and location private

  • You have the full right to opt-out of our marketing and we support the decision to opt-out. You can stop and prevent any future ads from being sent to your home, stop Email and post advertisments by clicking here