Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy (“Privacy”, “policy”) carefully before using [] website (“Lloyd Bryant Enterprise”, “Website Development services”) operated by [Lloyd Bryant] (“me”, ‘I”, “my”).

Lloyd Bryant Enterprise is committed to keeping your data safe when using the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise website. That’s to make sure that your data is kept safe and secure from the public. No data is shared to other organisations or companies “Third-party businesses”. Everything you send into me is never stored or used in any kind of marketing or business.

The data I store for communication reasons are:

  • Email
  • Phone Number

  • This is the only form of communication data I would collect. Lloyd Bryant Enterprise will not call you without a message in advance letting you know I wish to call you.

    Your data is 100% secure and protected from privacy breaches or issues. Your data is never used in third-party advertisement and is never used for financial gain.

    Financial Privacy

    When I have finished providing my service(s) to you and once you wish to begin the payment all of your bank information such as when you send over money to pay for the services is secure and private. The bank details of the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise bank account such as the bank details that I send you when you pay a direct deposit of money into my bank must not be given to anyone for security reasons.

    The exact amount of money you sent to me via, Bank transfer, PayPal or cash or any other form of money transfer can be kept private if you wish. PLEASE NOTE: THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU PAID FOR MY SERVICES ARE NOT PRIVATE AND IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT PRIVATE YOU CAN CALL ME ON 07947842433. UNLESS YOU CALL ME REGARDING KEEPING THIS INFORMATION PRIVATE I CAN TELL ANYONE HOW MUCH YOU PAID.