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    Lloyd Bryant Enterprise operates under the company name "Lloyd Bryant Enterprise", "Lloyd Bryant Enterprise UK". It is owned and managed by Lloyd Bryant.

    This document is the terms and conditions of Lloyd Bryant Enterprise and in order to be able to use my services you must agree to these.

    Who I am
    I’m Lloyd Bryant, owner and founder of Lloyd Bryant Enterprise. I currently run Lloyd Bryant Enterprise and am in charge of what goes on in the business. I’m an experienced website developer of around 4 years or so. I started Lloyd Bryant Enterprise in 2019 and since then I have created some of the best websites on the internet. Lloyd Bryant Enterprise is a website development company and online services company based in south east England. I have built many websites for many different businesses that are based all over the United Kingdom and the world.

    Using My Services

    My services require you to follow specific terms and conditions. In order to use or continue to use my services you must follow these terms.

    Using My Website

    When you use my website, you must agree to the following:

  • You will use my website for good and legal reasons
  • You will not copyright or use any material in the website without written permission from Lloyd Bryant Enterprise
  • You will not use my website for any spam, misleading or financial gain unless you have written permission from Lloyd Bryant Enterprise

  • When you visit the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise website (“https://lloydbryantenterprise.com/) You must make sure you understand the cookies policy of the website where you can find that here (If this link doesn't work copy and paste https://lloydbryantenterprise.com/cookies-policy.html into your browser).

    If you wish to use any content on the website for commercial or personal use you must have written permission from Lloyd Bryant Enterprise, this may be in the form of a letter printed to your address or an Email. Lloyd Bryant Enterprise will not call you to give you permission for security and legal reasons.

    Contacting Me Via My Website

    If you wish to get in touch with Lloyd Bryant Enterprise via the website, please make sure you visit https://www.lloydbryantenterprise.com/contact.html and fill out the form provided. If you wish to contact me another way you can do so by emailing or calling me, details shown below.

  • Email: lb9949502@gmail.com
  • Phone: 07947 842433

  • When using the website contact form on the contact page you must make sure to spell everything correctly and it is written so I can understand. You must fill out every field on the form as it is mandatory for me to collect the correct and relevant information.


    Lloyd Bryant Enterprise will never ask you for your bank details or passwords. If you end up on a website that looks similar to mine or the same and is asking you for private, confidential information such as your passwords or bank details please get in touch with me immediately.

    Some scammers can create similar websites that look identical to a real one but have an incorrect domain or with things spelt differently or wrong. I will never ask for info that is private. If you think my website has been cloned, please get in touch below.

  • Email: lb9949502@gmail.com
  • Phone: 07947 842433


    I do my 100% best to make sure this doesn’t ever happen but it isn’t impossible and any website can be a victim of cloning.

    Using My Website Development Services

    In order to be able to use or continue using the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise Website Development services you must agree to the following terms and conditions listed under “Using my Website Development Services”.

    Contacting For a Consultation Regarding Website Development

    You can contact me and reach out regarding my website development services in many different ways. The following ways can be used to get in touch regarding my web dev services.

  • The website contact page https://lloydbryantenterprise.com/contact.html
  • Email: lb9949502@gmail.com
  • Phone: 07947 842433

  • When you contact me regarding website development, please make sure that if you are doing so via email that in the Subject box you put something on the lines of Website Development, Web Dev, Consultation, or Hello. This will make sure your Email and message will be easier to find as I get thousands of emails and could lose your message.

    Please note: I will usually contact you back within a few minutes but depending on how busy I am I may not contact you back for an hour or so.

    I will always respond to people who contact me and your message will not be ignored even if we are unable to work together for some reason.

    Sending Me Your Things

    When you hire me, I will need to have specific information and content in order to build your website up to the highest standards possible. I will send you an Email, text, or even call you to give you a list of what I would need for your website. I will never ask you for your passwords, bank details or any other sensitive information that is deemed as “Private”.

    This information is such things as logo, images, videos, files etc.

    Deposits & Payment

    Before I even get started on your website, I will ask for a deposit, this could be 25% up-front deposit, a 50% deposit or something like this. Please note that deposits are not perfect but it is to protect me and my business from any issues that may arise.

    When my services are completed, I will then require the rest of the payment e.g., 50% etc. This will make the payment complete and successful.


    My services are non-refundable and payments cannot be paid back once paid for. That’s why I like to make sure the client is 100% happy with the results, services and is 100% sure of hiring me in the first place. If you pay a deposit at the beginning but will not or cannot pay the second/middle deposit I will not be able to continue my work unless the second deposit is paid. If you refuse to pay for the last section of the payment, I will not continue my work and will delete your website until you send the rest of the payment. If you never pay the rest of the website your website will not go online and my work will be taken down. If your website isn’t deleted all content such as your logo, website name, text, images etc will be changed and the entire website will be sold to someone else in a similar industry or different industry but the website will be customised to their expectations.


    When I build a website for your business I will have, Website by Lloyd Bryant Enterprise with a link to the official LBE website. This is credit to Lloyd Bryant Enterprise to let everyone who visits your website know that I built your website and where they can find out about my business.

    Removing Credit

    Credit to Lloyd Bryant Enterprise on your website can be removed but it can cost up to £250 for the credit to be removed but your website will continue to be on the Lloyd Bryant Enterprise portfolio. You cannot remove your website from my portfolio.

    Links that you choose to have on your website that go onto third-party websites are not controlled by Lloyd Bryant Enterprise and I am not responsible for any links that redirect onto other websites. Any website links that are potentially harmful links will not be allowed on your website and I will not put misleading, harmful and or illegal links onto your website. For legal reasons I will not be affiliated with any illegal links that may be on your website.

    These links can be:

  • Links that lead to fake scam websites that are used to scam people for money or private information.
  • Links that lead to websites that sell, distribute or advertise any illegal material, products or substances.
  • Links that may contain harmful scripts or content that could affect the user’s security or privacy.

  • Copyrighted material

    Here at Lloyd Bryant Enterprise, I believe that copyright laws should be taken really seriously and that everyone should be protected from copyright breaches. Lloyd Bryant Enterprise takes copyright seriously and I make sure that everything I use is my own content or is used with legal permission.

    If the website I built for your business contains any copyright infringed material that you haven't told me about I take no responsibility for the content you may have used without permission. If the original owners contact me regarding any content on your website that isn’t used with permission, they will be told that I developed your website and take no responsibility for any copyright laws that may have been broken and I will then give them your email to get in touch with you. This section of these terms and conditions are very important

    Designs and layouts

    In order for me to create a website that you are 100% happy with I will need an accurate detailed description as to what you are looking for and what designs you wish for your website to have. These designs are for things like the website layout/template and for small details such as fonts and button designs. Your website represents your business so I understand you want the best for your website and I can provide the best but I will need to know what you want.

    When you agree to these terms and conditions you agree to provide me with a detailed list as to what you want your website to look like. Whether it is a different website that you like the look of or if it's completely from your imagination.


    If a website development service is offered to a client and the total cost goes above £300 then the client must sign a contract in order to continue with the service. Once the contract is signed both parties, the client and Lloyd Bryant Enterprise both will be given a signed copy of the document. Both copies must be signed by both parties. By the client signing the contract this means that once the service is provided and finished the client has a legal obligation to pay the full amount. If the full amount isn't paid then there may be consequences. If the full amount is £600 or more and if it is not paid for after the service is completed and the payment is then required then Lloyd Bryant Enterprise (I) may issue a High Court Writ if the full amount isn't paid within 48 hours. If the full amount cannot be paid within 48 hours the client must tell Lloyd Bryant Enterprise about this and you may be given a week breathing space to pay the full amount.

    What is a high court writ?

    A high court writ (formally known as a writ of control) enables the use of a high court enforcement officer's powers to visit your business premises. The high court writ allows them to remove goods to the value of the county court judgment, plus the HCEO fees.

    Domain Services And Hosting

    The Lloyd Bryant Enterprise website hosting and domain services support many different payment methods and types. When you create an account you will be required to pay a fee beforehand. This fee will be in order to set up you account and obtain an account. You can pay for this monthly or yearly, these prices are affordable and suit all budgets. If you pay yearly the amount that you would pay for monthly if it was a month to month subscription would be totaled up every month but you will not be required to pay for it every month and instead the cost of each month would be paid on the same day you created your account in the next year. When you sign up for an account you must agree to the Terms and Conditions that will be linked on the signupn form that you can access anytime. Failing to agree to these and if you wish to not agree you will be unable to create an account. In order for you to be able to register your account you must agree to those terms.

    Your Passwords

    All passwords and login credentials that belong you and your business are safe with us. If we require any passwords or usernames, we keep our promise that all passwords and credentials are safe with us and we will never share, forward or leak any information deemed sensitive or private. By using our services, you agree that we take your security and confidential information very seriously and your information is as safe as you can expect. We do not sell, share or change any passwords that belong to you.

    Using our blog

    By using our blog on our website you agree to the following terms:

  • You agree to not bully, harass or in any way discriminate against any members of the blog or contributors.
  • You agree to use the blog only for the way our company intends
  • You agree to post legal content only and illegal and explicit material will not be tollerated

  • If you use the blog in any illegal way or produce, post or promote illegal or harmful material your account will be suspended. However, if you continue to post, promote or share illegal or harmful material we will forward your account to the authorities.

    Last updated: 08/07/2023 2:28pm

    Once you agree to these terms you cannot disagree to them

    Changed your mind?

    Please get in touch with us and tell us you do not agree to these terms and conditions

    Email us